About Us

Since commencing operations in 1965 with our first radio station in Vancouver, Pattison Media has been informing and entertaining Western Canadians. Throughout the prairie provinces on our radio and television stations, and increasingly online through our increasing digital platforms, Pattison Media offers the very best in local news, information and entertainment.

Commitment to local on-air talent that generates content that is relevant to the audience in every city they service is a key strategy for PML’s award-winning stations and online news portals. They focus on the stories, events and information that is reflective of their local communities. The company also strives to do its part when it comes to helping local charitable causes, donating over $30.0 million of air-time in support of their communities in 2020.

In 2020, Pattison Media along with partner Lift Interactive Inc., a leading digital agency located in Edmonton, Alberta. continued to diversify their customer focused marketing solutions. The  partnership leverages digital strategy, user experience, design and technology development along with significant traditional media expertise to craft effective, integrated advertising campaigns that make the most sense for the needs of their clients. You can learn more here.

Just recently, PML added to our digital capabilities with an exciting new partnership in the growing podcasting space. Everything Podcasts delivers award-winning creative, world-class production and global distribution. Featuring research fuelled guidance, strategic planning infused by experience and partnerships designed to launch, grow and accelerate the expansion of your content across multiple media platforms and opportunities. https://www.everythingpodcasts.com/